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Windshield Repair Services in Los Angeles and Orange County

International Auto Glass & Window Tint offers premium windshield repair services to clients in Long Beach, Yorba Linda, Placentia, Anaheim Hills, and the other areas of Orange County and Los Angeles.

Customers who have a chipped windshield can get same-day repair work done at their location with our experienced and friendly mobile windshield repair. We work hard to ensure that your windshield installation is done correctly by properly trained and certified professionals who understand how to follow the Original Equipment Manufacturer, or OEM, guidelines. This is the most reliable method for ensuring the safety of passengers as well as vehicle drivers in the event of a collision.

Our work comes with a lifetime guarantee on the workmanship.

Chipped Windshield Replacement Services

The professionals at International Auto Glass & Window Tint can advise you on the best method for obtaining a safe windshield. There are different degrees of damage that can be present on your chipped windshield, so a complete evaluation is necessary. We will advise you on the best methods for dealing with insurance companies when performing certain services. If there is a viable alternative to a full replacement, we will explain this option to you in practical terms. The cracks in the windshield caused by chips are extremely common, so insurance companies often cover the cost without fighting against the vehicle owner. This can be beneficial, but there are some time limits to consider as well. Always get the problem addressed right away because delays can be costly.

Chips in the windshield are often caused by rocks, but only some of them will warrant an entire replacement. If repairs can be done, you could save the cost of the deductible, which will practically eliminate the cost of the repairs. To get the benefits of this situation, you will need to act right away. If too much time passes, the small amount of damage could expand into a situation where a full replacement becomes necessary.

Our convenient Long Beach location provides access to these services throughout the greater Los Angeles area, and this includes our free mobile service unit. We handle all types of vehicles including commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, motor homes, and even boats and other watercraft. We have a track record of replacing broken glass from cars, trucks, buses and even boats.

Discover the difference this experience makes. Let International Auto Glass & Window Tint perform your next windshield replacement. Contact us today for a free quote.

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